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Apply for the 2014 Program!

Want to study in the world’s greatest city? Apply now to study abroad in London, England for the 2014 Summer semester! You will get first hand knowledge about London and British Culture and Society while gaining 6 credits overseas! This faculty led program is open to all majors and will benefit any program you’re in. Study in a city with over 2,000 years of history!

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EXPLORE: We’ll visit some of the most exciting places in England- Stonehenge, Bath, Oxford, Hampton Court Palace, Key Gardens, Wimbledon and London’s incredible museums and tourist attactions.  A three day weekend in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh is not to be missed. The Underground (The TUBE) is an amazing network, like Alice in Wonderland, once you descend into the TUBE, you never know what magic awaits on other end.

EAT: Attention Foodies: London is the culinary capital of the world with a global cuisine, Thai, Indian, African, Chinese, Tapas, late night Kabobs and some of the best gastro-pub food you will find.  Think of all the famous chefs, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver. Forget the stereotype about bad British food- mushy peas and kidney pie is a thing of the past.  Great markets offer delicious street food, bakeries abound, local coffee and tea shops are around every corner and do try the “Full English.”

WALK: From the cliffs of Edinburgh (Arthur’s Seat), to following in the steps of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales along the Pilgrims Way, to some of the best London Walks you will every discover, this program is a high energy, fast paced tour de force.

STUDY: The sun never set on the British Empire resulting in a rich culture and of course the monarchy. With an excellent core group of English Culture and Society lectures from Kingston University (where most lectures occur in the field) to a faculty leader who has lived in England for nearly two years with network of English friends and guides, you will not be stuck in a traditional classroom.  London will be your laboratory for learning and most of what you learn will be field based and experiential learning.

SHOP: London is a shopper’s paradise with an incredible array of markets, thriving districts and vibrant shopping centres.  From funky, bohemian districts like Camden, to swanky boutique districts like Notting Hill – there is something to be discovered for everyone. Of course, there is the madatory stop at Harrods (check out the expansive deli and market) to other great London boutiques and department stores.

PUB LIFE: A couple literary pub tours will connect some of England and Scotland’s most important writers (Dickens, Shakespeare, the Bloomsbury elites, Brahm Stoker, Robert Louis Stevenson, etc. with some of their favorite local haunts).

MUSIC SCENE: London has it all, jazz clubs, rock, folk, R&B, indie in hundreds of eclectic venues.  Check out Time Out magazine for a complete schedule.

NIGHT LIFE: Move over Broadway, London’s theatre scene, clubs and night life is beyond compare. London is like New York, a city that never sleeps.

OLYMPIC CITY: As the host of the 2012 Olympics, London has redeveloped much of its East End for the games.  We’ll be traveling to the Olympic sites and studying the regeneration strategies that are used to integrate the massive  Olympic investment back into the community. 

TRAVEL: We describe the program as”Travel the World in One City”, but you will also travel throughout England as part of the British Culture and Society Class. Head to Paris or Dublin during one of your free weekends. Stay an extra week after the program ends and head to the continent- Amsterdam, Italy, France and the rest of Europe are at your fingertips. A five week London travel card will get us whereever we need to be.

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New 2011 Brochure is out!

Download the new 2011 printable brochure for the London Urbanization Study Abroad Course at GVSU below:

Link to 2011 Printable Brochure

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Pictures from Past Years